Why Adding Porches, Sunrooms, and Solariums to Your Tampa, Florida Home & Beyond Is a Smart Move

In a state like Florida, where the sun shines more days than not and the heat is often oppressive, adding porches or sunrooms to your home is a choice that benefits the value of your home, and even your health and quality of life. Many people don’t realize how the positive changes add up once you bring porches, sunrooms, or solariums to your home. With nearly 40 years in the business of designing, constructing, and installing porches, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and more, our family-owned and operated Tropicana has seen firsthand how ushering a bit of the outdoors into your home can improve your life.

An increase in square footage instantly boosts the value of your home. While that’s a smart investment to make, our customers are often more thrilled by the enjoyment they derive from feeling their homes open up. Whatever you choose to use your new porches or sunrooms for, whether it’s swimming in the pool without worrying about insects and debris, reading under the sun even during the Florida winter, or enjoying the view of your garden without suffering from extreme summer temperatures, you will do it with a newfound sense of appreciation and relaxation. The added space and privacy allows you to enjoy your free time just how you want to, while adding to your life the positive health effects of sunshine and fresh air.

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