Sunroom Screen Repairs for Your Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg Sunroom

Sunroom screen repairs need immediate attention to prevent further damage to your screens and your sunroom, and save you from heavy costs and stress in the future. A slight tear or hole in a screen will only get bigger with the regular strain of weather and insects, and soon a gaping hole will be like a welcome mat for all sorts of Tampa, Florida creatures—from mosquitoes to lizards and frogs, they’re all suddenly making a home out of your beautiful sunroom! Water and debris enter next, and bring with them mold and mildew problems that can cause irreparable damage to the sunroom you have worked so hard to maintain. Avoid all of these problems by taking care of all your sunroom screen repairs at once. Tropicana Screens and Glass, Inc. can take care of your repairs immediately to keep your sunroom and screens in pristine condition.

We will quickly and easily fix the sunroom screen repairs that are keeping you from enjoying your Tampa sunroom to the fullest. In the past, our sunroom screen repairs have covered very small screen patches to full screen replacements. After our sunroom screen repairs, you’ll be as confident as we are that your screens are as strong and attractive as they can be, whether you have plastic, aluminum, or metal screens.

 The sunroom screen repairs we offer include:

  • Small patches—the restoration of small holes and tears with fresh screening to create a seamless look, including metal, plastic, and fiberglass screen patches
  • Large patches—for rips exceeding 3 inches in diameter, the entire screen will need replacement
  • Wood frame screen replacement
  • Metal frame screen replacement
  • Aluminum frame screen replacement
  • Frame repairs for screen doors and windows
  • Screen painting
  • Screen cleaning, using both vacuuming and washing techniques

With the above techniques and more, we can provide you with all the sunroom screen repairs you need to keep your sunroom and your screening looking fresh, clean, and new.

Call us today at (813) 855-6570 at our office in Oldsmar, Florida to learn how we can transform your torn, patched screens with our quality sunroom screen repairs. We cover all Tampa Bay areas, including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, and beyond.